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Here I will be listing some gear related to Photography in Iceland. I am not listing DSLR camera bodies here because its more of a personal choice & budget.

Recommended GEAR for Photography in ICELAND 

Travel tripods

1. Fotopro MGA-584N: link
2. Amzon basics carbon fibre: link
3. Benro iTrip IT15: link 
4. Manfrotto pixi mini: link


1. 10 stops ND filter (neutral density filter): ICE 77mm ND1000 link
2. Polarizer filter (CPL): link 


1. Lens pen: link 
2. Backpack, Lowepro Flipside AW400: link 
3. 6 port USB charger: link
4. International Power adapter: Link
5. 3 Ac outlets + 6USB ports power supply: link



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