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Photography workshop in Pune
(15 seats only)

18 Feb 2017 :Basic Photography Workshop

19 Feb 2017 :Post Processing Workshop (Photo editing)

in PUNE   by : Kedar Bhat

What will you learn?



This course is aimed at beginners and amateur photographers who wish to learn basics of the art and craft of photography. With the advent of digital photography and lot of camera/lens options available in the market at affordable prices, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of photography. After attending this course you can make a smarter and knowledgeable choice of buying your next camera or lenses. Intelligent use of simplest equipment is better than an unknowledgeable use of advanced equipment!

Further tips will also be given to make good compositions, exposures and the thought process behind making good images.

What topics will be covered?

Basic Photography workshop:

  • Types of cameras
  • Using various exposure modes on your camera like Program, Manual, Aperture priority & shutter priority.
  • Types of lenses – Understanding specifications of various kinds of lenses and specialty lenses for different kinds of photography
  • Effective use of white balance, iso, focusing modes, shutter speeds, apertures etc
  • How to measure light & set your exposure in manual mode
  • Accessories – Use of tripods, filters and other accessories to enhance photography
  • Composition – Your images might be technically correct but they also have to be aesthetically pleasing for viewers to appreciate

Post Processing workshop (PP): 

Many a times it happens that a photographer shoots with the right equipment and techniques but the final result on a computer or print looks dull. There are various Photoshop techniques to enhance your image without 'manipulating' them. This unique workshop has been designed specifically for photographers who want to refine their digital workflow and polish their skills in Photoshop. Participants have to bring along with them their DSLR cameras & Laptops with Photoshop installed in it.

Topics covered in PP workshop:

  • RAW workflow - shooting and processing RAW images. Various software options available
  • Color management - understanding color spaces & Photoshop preferences settings
  • Histogram
  • Image adjustments like Levels, curves, saturation etc
  • Layer masking
  • Resizing & sharpening images
  • Removing dust from images

Post processing workshop


FAQ / Doubts


Have some Doubts?.. read the FAQ

Q: How many participants are expected in the workshop?
A: About 10 to 20

Q: Can I learn Photography in a single day? Is it not too short compared to long term photography classes ?
A: Beleive me yes you can ! Till date a few hundred participants have successfully attended and some have already started getting awards in competetions. It all depends on how well you practice the concepts learnt during the workshop after you go home. Believe me its as simple as learning to drive a vehicle.

Q: What kind of camera is required for the workshop?
A: A DSLR or any point and shoot camera with a Manual "M" mode will do.

Q: I do not have a camera. I want to buy one after gaining knowledge in the workshop. Can I still attend the workshop?
A: I can offer you a DSLR on a rent of Rs.600 for the workshop. Let me know well in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need one.

Q: Is there any age limit or qualification requirement?
A: No there is no age limit or qualification required for the workshop. Right from 5th standard students to working professionals to housewives to businessmen to retired individuals...anyone who has a passion and enthusiasm to learn photography have been my regular participants in the past.
See this image of the past participants: Click here

Q: I am totally new to photography, any previous experience needed?
A: No previous experience required ! This workshop is for beginners.

Q: I have done a photography course/workshop previously so this workshop is not for me right?
A: The concepts & techniques that I will be teaching will be a compilation of years of experience as a professional photographer. There are some concepts which I myself did not know for a long time during my early days in photography. So am sure you will learn more techniques !

Q: Do I need a Laptop for the Post processing workshop?

A: Yes you have to bring your own Laptop for the Post processing workshop. Most important, you have to install Photoshop. Remember it takes long time to download and install Photoshop. So make sure you install Photoshop well in advance. I can guide you through the process. Please note you can install & run trial version of the latest Photoshop software and buy it after the trail version expires. I won't be providing Photoshop or any other software to the participants !



Fee Options:

  1. Rs.3000 - Single workshop (Either Basic Photography or Post processing workshop) if registered on or before 11th Feb 2017
  2. Rs.3250 - Single workshop (Either Basic Photography or Post processing workshop) if registered on or after 12th Feb 2017
  3. Rs.5500 - Both workshops (Basic Photography + Post processing) if registered on or before 11th Feb 2017
  4. Rs.5750 - Both workshops (Basic Photography + Post processing) if registered on or after after 12th Feb 2017

* Cost includes lunch/tea/coffee

* If you do not yet have a DSLR and wish to buy one after the workshop, I can arrange for a basic DSLR camera & lens on rental basis for the workshop duration. Few of my past participants give their cameras on rent for the workshop. Let me know well in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need one so that I can arrange for a DSLR camera. DSLR camera rent: Rs.600

Venue & Timing



BIG Big Industries Gap

202, 2nd floor, SAMRUDDHA Apt.
Rambaug Colony
above Palvi hotel/Canara Bank
Paud road,
Kothrud, Pune - 411029

Kindly refer google map

Saturday 18 Feb 2017:
9.30 am to 4pm Basic Photography workshop - Classroom session with practicals.

Sunday 19 Feb 2017:
9.30 am to 4 pm
Post Processing workshop

Venue Map:



How to Enroll:

To enroll for the workshop follow the 4 step enrollment procedure.

  1. Send me an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call / whatspp me on 9869145560 to check seat availabilty. If seats are available proceed to step 2

  2. Submit the online enrollment form: click here

  3. Make the payment: After I receive your form, you will receive an email from me with my Bank details for payment. Once you make the payment, email me the transaction id / payment details so that I can verify it in my Bank.

  4. Once I receive your payment, I will send you a confirmation email and your seat will be confirmed.

Cancellation policy:
Fees won’t be refunded. But I can give you 2 choices:

  1. You have an option to transfer your participation to a person of your choice for the same workshop
  2. You can attend a future workshop of mine within next 3 months by paying an additional fee of Rs.1000/-.  After that period you will have to pay complete fee as applicable at that point of time, if you wish to attend my workshop.

Preparing for workshop


For Basic Photography Workshop:

  • If you have, bring along your camera / lenses / tripods / accessories.
  • Camera operating instructions manual, charged batteries, chargers etc.
  • Notebook / pen for writing notes
  • Lot of enthusiasm.

For Post Processing Workshop:

  • Laptop & charger
  • Mouse: Don't forget to bring along mouse for your laptop. It is difficult to use process images using the touch pad.
  • Photoshop installed on the laptop
  • For Nikon users: Nikonview NX2 software installed
  • For Canon users: Canon DPP (Digital Photo Professional) software installed
  • Optional: Faststone viewer software installed for windows users
  • Camera you possess
  • Notebook / pen for writing notes

Follow  the link bellow to subscribe Adobe Creative cloud Photography plan: