Kedar Bhat

Photography, workshops, Photo Tours


I conduct Photography Workshops, Post-Processing workshops and lead Photography Tours in collaboration with various organizations, tourism companies and institutes. I look after the Photography training and instructions while the host organizations are responsible for bookings and other logistical support.

Basic Photography workshop:

14 - 15 April 2018   in THANE  : Click here for details

24 - 25 Mar 2018   in PUNE  : Click here for details

Star-Trail Photography workshop:

21 April 2018 in PUNE click here for details & registration

Lightroom Photo editing Workshop

15 April 2018 in THANE : Click here for details

25 Mar 2018 in PUNE Click here for details


Photography tours are designed keeping in mind Photographers on-board, as against normal wildlife safaris, where fellow participants might not be so much deeply interested in photography. So if we have to wait for a long time at one place to capture the right moment, we will wait. In normal wildlife safaris, fellow participants might just want to observe wildlife and move on without waiting patiently to get the best image. In a wildlife Photo tour in the parks where safaris are done in a Gypsy vehicle, only 4 participants are accommodated in a vehicle as against regular camps where 6 participants occupy a single gypsy vehicle.

New tours being updated soon*

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