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Physics graduate academically, photography is my hobby turned profession. Starting with Astrophotography, my interest in photography keeps shuffling from editorial, nature-wildlife, macro, Interior/Architectural and travel photography. I have been a working Photojournalist for almost 15 years.

In 2018, I have been chosen to be a Sony Artisan (Sony cameras).

I have my own Youtube channel “kedarbhatlive” where I put out photography related videos & some DIY stuff. Do subscribe to my youtube channel to get regular updates. Channel Link here

I conduct Photography Workshops, Post-Processing workshops and lead Photography Tours in collaboration with various organizations, tourism companies and institutes. I look after the Photography training and instructions while the host organizations are responsible for bookings and other logistical support.

I have been freelancing throughout my career
except in 2006-07 when I joined Outlook group of publications for a very short time.

In the course of time when I wanted my own website I learned the tools of the trade gradually, built my own website. Nature sound recording is another field which I touched upon but didn’t pursue thoroughly. But that still remains in my wish list.




Cover photo on IUCN Journal: My photo of a “White-coated Brown palm civet” is the first such record of the “white-coated phenomenon” and was published in the “Small Carnivore Conservation”, the Journal of the IUCN SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group, Volume 50, July 2014. Click here to view the online edition. Thanks to Hrishikesh Chunekar for spotting it during a photo tour at amboli & further writing a note in the journal


2nd place, Pro division, 2009 National Wildlife Photo Contest, Landscapes and Plants category. My photo of grass pollen dispersion has won second place in the Landscapes and Plants category, Pro division of 2009 National Wildlife Photo Contest. This year’s contest winners were drawn from nearly 70,000 entries (the largest pool in contest history) and three rounds of judging.

Click on the image to see a bigger version:

Been one of the judges for the Nikon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2009
Judge at Better Photography Magazine’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest 2017
Judge at the photo competitions organized by MTDC
Visiting faculty at Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Photography

Judge at Wildlife Wetlands Photography Contest by WWF & Young Environmentalists Programme in association with Rodas ecotel/Meluha-The Ferns ecotel, Hiranandani Gardens Powai,Mumbai on 2nd February 2011.
Wildlife photographer of the year 2004 – Mumbai Press club photo competition.
Wildlife photography workshops and PHoto tours at various tiger reserves in India.